Some of our favourite make up trends spotted at LFW ….

This week has been quite a buzz with the British fash-pack out in full force!

Twitter was rife with twitpics and tweets from all the top stylist and fashion bloggers, cataloguing their favourite looks – seen on the London catwalks.

With too many favourites to choose from, feeling rather spoilt for choice we finally managed to carefully select some impressive and inspirational make up trends that both excited and delighted our beauty team.

Feast your eye’s and enjoy!


Hello blue eyes!

Sky blue at Antipodium

Antipodium’s urban-influenced AW12  show at London Fashion week featured pretty blue eye makeup inspired by Springfield’s sunny setting.

The make up – created by M.A.C’s Georgina Graham and her team complimented the collection superbly, clocking the ensembles as they came out onto the catwalk in a delish colour palette of beautiful sky blue and biscuit, with accents of mustard and bottle green – I admit -tingly wanted it all in my wardrobe immediately.

A chocoholic…? Me?

Burberry’s AW12 “town and country” inspired collection left us hungry for more and eager to own the tulip-skirted coat with oversized pockets.

A recurring theme seen throughout were the glossy bow belts, tweed skirts and jackets accompanied by flat caps-balacing each outfit superbly.

Most importantly the make up (as seen on the likes of  Cara Delevingne and Jordan Dunn-who opened the show) was as scrumptious and understated as the collection.

Key makeup artist Wendy Rowe went for a striking and extremely wearable “Coco-caramel dusting” look that works beautifully with this chic and unpretentious collection.

Simply Scrumptious, indeed!

Coco-caramel eyes at Burberry.

Burberry AW12

Burberry AW12

We adore these barrell bags just as much as the model does!

Jordan Dunn opening the show in our  favourite coat from the collection!!


Gold digger!!

Michael Van Der Ham is one of those designers who will always have a unique design signature. With his magpie-like eye for beautiful textiles and prints, his collections have always maintained that collage, arty aesthetic that has made him a favourite of London’s bright young things.

Personally, I was always fascinated by how beautifully he could incorporate patches and drape sashes across his dresses so that the whole thing moved as one. His technical skill is just mind blowing.

Models were made up with Veronica Lake-esque curls, shimmering gold leaf eyelids (accented by sassy flicks of black liquid-liner) as they glided up and down the runway in glamorous looks worthy of the screen goddess.

Metallic details were present everywhere, from the jacquard panelling on bodice’s to hems with a delicate metallic floral appliqué – set against apple green separates (Ahhhh perfection!)

This show-stopping look is without fail my beauty crush of the season!

Glitter who?!


Gold eyelids at Michael Van Der Ham.

Michael Van Der Ham AW12

Michael Van Der Ham AW12


Cherry ripe!

The red lip had already pinged right onto our beauty radar for AW12, with sightings at PPQ and Basso and Brooke at London Fashion Week on Friday. However, it wasn’t until we headed to the House of Holland show the following day that it was clear the classic pillar box red lip is back with a vengeance this winter.

Whilst the model’s outfits lived up to the playful-energetic reputation that is House of Holland it was their vibrant rouge pouts that had us in awe – and it was the intensity of colour that impressed us most.

Cheeky-cherry lips at house of Holland.

Back stage preparation at the House of Holland show.

 House Of Holland  AW12



Sweetheart motifs seen at PPQ!

Crimson lips, peachy cheeks and heart motifs were a feature at the PPQ AW12 Show, not to mention the cutest manicures this season!


Basso and Brooke AW12!

A model back stage at Basso and Brooke AW12

I for one love dewy youthful skin with a siren lip, simple and striking all at the same time!



Photo of the week!

At the the face London we always encourage our clients to bring accessories along with them on their day, and more often than not it’s the attention to detail that make the most captivating of images. This week we carefully selected our photo of the week, this lovely young lady came fully prepared to take home some amazing shots.  We fell in love with the aesthetic and concept for her images – it just goes to show that a statement accessory is the perfect addition to any look!


Birds of a feather……

Hair accessories are making a major impact right now- on the hottest catwalks and the coolest trends.  At Chanel we saw pearls scattered randomly throughout the hair- giving off a fairy tale, pretty look. Pucci turned a can’t be-bothered pony into a style statement with scarves being tied half way down-oozing a carefree vibe.

Today, it’s not the  pearls or scarves we are lusting over, instead it’s feathers we just can’t get enough of them!

Take a gander at these lovelies…


This beauty is by Littledoe and  is a strong feature on my wish list for the month!!

You can find more “wow-factor” accessories by visiting the website –





Feathers, flight and song!

Kate moss by Corinne Day

Tigerlily might not have been a young lady of many words, but when it came to hair accessories-the girl wore it well!


image by Saga Sig


Love is a many splendid thing….

With Valentine’s day slowly looming around the corner, all of us here at the face London thought we would share the love (so to speak.)

With so many iconic couples throughout  the years, why not catalogue a few of our favourite (sweetheart) moments.

We wish you all a beautiful and loved up February the 14th, whether it be with friends, family or your very own Valentine!

Lots of Love to you all!


The Face London

♥ ♥ ♥

A favourite amongst many !

The 90’s super couple!

There were so many beautiful love stories reinvented during the 90’s, and this would be one of them, worth mentioning…….

” And when I shall die, take him and cut him up in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will fall in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun.- Juliet “

Then there’s that cookie-cuter kinda love……


And the beat goes on….

Finally, there is the love story that melted many a modern-day romantic’s heart…….

Big ♥ Carrie

Forever & ever!

Ever mine, ever thine, ever ours.

Me and you, just us two!

You’ve got the love..

Whether Valentine’s Day inspires you to an involuntary “yay” or “yergh,” it’s definitely a-coming – a time for everyone, coupled up or sweetly solo, to count the love in their life. A time to hug all our loved ones — boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, pets, kids, nannas, friends — and let them know how we feel. Everyone deserves a little cherishing, so wear your heart on your sleeve (or shoe or handbag or crocheted bunting) and share the love.-Laura Burke

Sugar, Honey-honey!!!

Spring is just around the corner and with all these delicious sherbet and candy floss hues we’ve spotted on the Louise Vuitton, D& G and Versace catwalks, who can blame us for wishing the last few wintery months away?

The brilliant beauty team at The Face London have been making careful notes on the top beauty trends for the coming season and I can safely say that we are all eager to get our Pretty on!!

The beauty obsession for the month, you might ask?  This would be the makeup seen on models at Diane von Furstenberg- dewy skin and clever contouring around the eyes, resulting in the perfect pretty!

Should you be visiting the Face London soon make sure to ask our beauty team for tips and tricks on creating the new season’s looks!


For those you needing any ideas for a make up trend that fits in beautifully with Valentines day,  we loved the eye make up on the models at Givenchy- too cute  for words!

The Face London ♥ this look!