Birds of a feather……

Hair accessories are making a major impact right now- on the hottest catwalks and the coolest trends.  At Chanel we saw pearls scattered randomly throughout the hair- giving off a fairy tale, pretty look. Pucci turned a can’t be-bothered pony into a style statement with scarves being tied half way down-oozing a carefree vibe.

Today, it’s not the  pearls or scarves we are lusting over, instead it’s feathers we just can’t get enough of them!

Take a gander at these lovelies…


This beauty is by Littledoe and  is a strong feature on my wish list for the month!!

You can find more “wow-factor” accessories by visiting the website –





Feathers, flight and song!

Kate moss by Corinne Day

Tigerlily might not have been a young lady of many words, but when it came to hair accessories-the girl wore it well!


image by Saga Sig



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