Au revoir Yoshi Takeuchi…..

For some people this week was the start of something new, a time for change. The season changed from winter to spring and skies went from grey to clear blue.

For us it was a time to say goodbye to our dear friend and colleague Yoshi Takeuchi- not only is he one of the most stylish men you’ve ever laid eyes on but he is also an incredible hairstylist and photographer. Yoshi has been with us at the Face London for the past 3 years. Each year proving to be more fun with him around!! We will miss you sorely and wish you all the best for the future…

To prove to you, just how incredibly daper this fine gentleman was, we decided to capture his last few looks on his last week at work…


5 days…5 ways with Yoshi!






To the coolest kid in town- “”May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face.”

All the best Yoshi we will miss you immensely!

From the Face London

To check out some of Yoshi’s amazing work please visit his website below.




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