This weeks inspiration…….

Spring is just around the corner and the most enjoyable part of the change in season is the feeling that something exciting is about to happen.

It’s clear that change is in the air and it’s oh so lovely to feel and witness. In keeping with the theme of excitement and beauty the photographer who’s work has most impressed us of late is the lovely Mafala Silver.

For all of us here at the Face london her work most depicts how we felt this week-soft, floaty, poetic and exciting, plus it’s an apsolute treat to take in.

Please do take the time to marvel at her inspiring images, we hope you enjoy these lovely treausers as much a we do!


All images by Mafalda Silver.

This one in particular -is the cat’s wiskers!!!

So simple and fresh, what’s not to like?

Dream a little dream of me…


We all fell in love with the splashings of light against the cool contrasts of shade- seen in these images, they are completely and utterly gorgeous!

What’s not to love about this image…the sweet vintage kicks, the marble tiles-all portrayed beautifully in a “Dawn-esque” colour palette!


“I would rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck”-Emma Goldman

Wishing you all a fragerant and fresh Spring!!!



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