Be bold with bows!

High-ponytails, lowpony-tails, side-ponytails and half-ponytails; whatever the case the sweet girlish yet sassy staple is granted a little oomph- thanks to the return of the bow!

Previously mentioned on our blog-the hair accessory has made a major comeback and “the trend” spead like wild fire during fashion week.

Now here to put the trend into practice are some carefully selected hairspiration pics for all our clients and readers.

A simple black satin ribbon is the perfect accessory to add a fun and flirty twist to any look!

Go on, get your girlish charm on!


The origional dolly-do!


Brigette Bardot


Natalie Portman for Dior


Tom Ford’s irresistible eyewear campaign had us all gagging for these glasses and bow clip!


A perfect combination of laidback cool -why not team your favourite sweatshirt with a fresh powder-pink cotton bow!


Who can resist a punk’d up beaded Givenchy bow?

Certainly not me!



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