The wish list….

Spring is here and it’s awesome!! The trees are sporting blossoms and the colour palette seen on the streets are leaning more towards sumptuous sorbets and moving further away from the otherwise black, navy and  greys, one usually see’s on the streets.

We have collectively been swooning over some desirable spring/summer staples and we thought what better way to show you some wardrobe inspiration than to list our lust list for this fragrant season!

1. The Prada flame sandals (too hot to trot)

2. Ccchu pompom Tassle Bodice from the Dark Room, if you haven’t already been to this store, please do pop in and have a look, they stock the most beautiful curiousities out there!

3. Balengiaga Shorts

The combination of silhouettes and colours in perfect, we do love Hanne Gaby’s style on and off duty!


4. Erdem lace sunglasses.

5. Fendi Clutch

Instantly livens up an outfit- be it a rock T with jeans or a little black sleeveless dress.

6. Christopher Kane floral clutch, the ultimate in spring style!

7. Stella McCartney’s amazing paisley suite, both comfy and sophisticated!

8. Isabel Marant jumper, for those evenings when there is still a crisp chill in the air.

(Studio stylist’s pick)

9. Isabel Marant embellished and embroided jeans, a unique addition to your wardrobe and a definite statement piece.

10. Chloe clutches and belts!



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