After reading an interesting article on photographer Deborah Turbeville in RUSSH magazine earlier this year, I decided this had to be a feature on the blog. Her tasteful eye and story telling through the lens is one to be admired. She carries the ability to capture women in a realm of otherworldly hazy beauty with the touch of a fine artist.

She made her name in the eighties photographing Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista for Vogue, and her iconic style is being replicated by contemporary photographers the world over.

Her photographs have a filmic nostalgic quality. And we’re all aboard the journey into the wonderful world of Turbeville.


Chloe Sevigny  photographed by Deborah Turbeville.


Bathhouse series, Vogue 1975. Photography by Deborah Turbeville, courtesy of the Stanley-Wise gallery, New York.


Charlotte Gainsbourg photographed by Deborah Turbeville.


Loulou De La Falaise with Yves Saint Laurent pictured in the background.


Betsey Johnson photographed at the Chelsea Hotel in the 1970s.


Balenciaga for Barneys New York’s -Fall campaign.





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