May’s Beauty Muse…..

Girls the world over admire and adore Audrey Hepburn.

A combination of elfin beauty, doe eyed charm and quite possibly the most fun and enjoyable person to have been around…what’s not to like?

For this reason and so many more -we have decide that for May Audrey is our beauty muse and really who could blame us?



Oh, Miss Holly Golightly you will forever remain a style icon to many, many girls!



The beauty team have kindly recommended the following products for any of you wishing to recreate this look.

When recreating the “Audrey look” the key is to focus on hair and makeup with equal amounts of attention.

Don’t we all wish we had a little Audrey in us!


To achieve the doe-eyed look The Face London’s beauty team recommend using shades or brown, dark blue or grey with focus on eyelashes and eyeliner being key.

Laura Mercier Sequin Eye Colour has soft-sparkle effects that glisten and captivates (breathtaking)

The deep-impact shades can be swept over eyes softly for a stunning day look, or applied with more intensity for evening glamour.

The perfect tool in creating those deep doe-like eyes is this nifty “All over eye colour brush” from Laura Mercier, which is the ideal large flat head brush with a beveled edge for a smooth, perfect application of base shades.

When choosing your colour palette, which we’ve based on the recommendation of our brilliant beauty team, we found the Laura Mercier Riviera Eye Colours is an eye shadow palette containing four ‘of the moment’ shades which are perfect for creating those Audrey eyes!

To achieve those lovely fresh apple cheeks that Audrey sports so well, we recommend Chantecaille’s Poudre de Perle blush, The smart formula replaces traditional talc particles with weightless, silky and translucent optics that ensure skin clarity and luminosity. Our Beauty teams choice product for the month and once you give it a try you will soon find out exactly why!

For all over coverage that looks and feel natural we recommend Liz Earls sheer skin tint that is sure to leave your skin feeling and looking satin soft and stunningly fresh for Spring!

For lips the Beauty team recommend a matt peachy pink we chose MAC’s colour plus texture in “Please me.”

For the final and most important touch, our beauty experts insist that when it comes to bold, voluminous eyelashes Stila’s Glamoureyes mascara is the one and only!

This next generation of mascara perfectly adheres to each lash and instantly lengthens, volumises and curls for your softest, plushest lashes ever. Finnish with a flick of Chantecaille gel liner pencil on the lids, and there you have it!

An awe-inspiring Audry look, that is set to stun a few passers-by!!



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