Quentin Jones…..

Fashion film director, model, illustrator, painter and Cambridge Philosophy graduate, one has to ask…is there anything Quentin Jones can’t do?

She has already directed a film for Chanel and Victoria Beckham not to mention a captivating and very intriguing installation for Dark Room.

 There is a repetition in theme seen throughout Quentin’s work- wit, irreverence and a cool way with cutting things up: she’s big on collage, montage, cats and Disney references – and she has a sharp take on the female form.

And frankly we here at The Face London find her vision and take on fashion beautifully modernised and refreshing.

Masks and props used in the Chanel Particulie’re fashion film.

Above- portraits of Quentin Jones.




Above images from the Chanel Particulie’re fashion film.


Above images from Victoria Beckham SS12 fashion film, directed by Quentin Jones.

Take a look at some of the really, really, ridiculously good looking wunderkind’s mixed media illustrations…..it’s hard not to want to be her for the day!

A rising star that is as beautiful and real as her work.

Quentin Jone’s we salute you, wonder-girl!

A self portrait for Another magazine.



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