Proud moments…….

We’ve had a few changes in the last month at The Face London, some new faces who have produced some commendable work along with our  more familiar faces.

All in all it’s been an impressive week with what our colluegs have been producing, and I thought it best to share some of their ideas and visions with you!

Below are some beautiful images of London, upon a location shoot with Bernardo Borghetti a name I frequently mention on the blog, he is our brilliant head photographer and when look at these shots you can see why.

See more of his inspiring work here

Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting the talented and ever so charming Sophia Del Pizzo.

The girl can draw, paint, design and act –  she’s ridiculously talented and immensely cool, take a gander at what she’s done with our two pictures of the week….Personally- we’re completely wow’d out by these dreamy effects.

We’re thrilled to have you on the team!


See more of her work here

Here’s a little sneak peak into some of her graphic work, enjoy!

Happy weekend!



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