Matt Wisniewski….

It’s been some time since we last posted about our latest art muse, designer crush or creative goodie so it’s with much excitement and delight that I share these incredible images with you today.

The name is Matt Wisniewski and for all those digital art junkies out there-He’s a wonderful source of inspiration.

A New York-based artist, he first picks out a portrait and then seamlessly incorporates different combinations of textures to the image. The end result? Gorgeous and inspiring mash-ups that highlight the beauty of the human form and nature.

 Matt describes himself very simply-“Hello. My name is Matt. I make things work on the Internet. I like looking at pretty things and making some of my own.”

I think he is pretty amazing, here see for yourselves…

From the series “Futur couture”

From the series “Futur Couture”
From the series “Head Full of Air”
Click  to his website to see more of his incredible works.
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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