Nailed it……

Derek Lam’s florals, a major fall favorite. To achieve this runway-inspired look on nails, Elizabeth used different sized variations of the flower pattern with a black or white base and painted flowers on top using paint pens.

The Charlotte Olympia cat plats, are my personal favourites!

Stella McCartney Spring 2012-Inspired Nails
For these nails, she started with a white base then created blue and red polkadots with black centres to get the look of the cutouts and white details on top of the dots.
Comme des Garcons Play- Inspired Nails
The beauty team at The Face London, loved this one!
These Louise Vuitton inspired pastel nails might be better for spring/summer, but I certainly adore this look!
And for all those Christopher Kane fans out there…..
To get the look use Sally Hansen Salon Effects denim nail stickers with Chanel Holographic “gems” on top and  nail art pens to paint individual flowers on top of OPISignificant Other Color.
Photos via Mark Iantosca and

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