Bright style and glowing skin….

There’s an age old question we hear time and time again when booking our clients in for their studio day- “I’m not in my 20’s nor am I in my 30’s is this an appropriate day for a lady my age?” And our answer? Yes, yes a thousand times Yes!! Woman and men alike should always embrace themselves, their confidence and their presence no matter what their age and an impeccable example of this is former stylist and cult beauty entrepreneur, Lind Rodin. Who’s motto plainly states -There is beauty in simplicity.

Linda Rodin was raised on this principle.

In her sixties today, Rodin is the model of spare elegance: tortoise shell eyeglasses, ballet flats, and natural silver hair pulled back in a ponytail. She says of herself, “I am the lowest-maintenance person I know. I don’t labor over how I look.” It’s this natural, devil-may-care brand of beauty that won her modeling jobs when she moved to Italy to study at age eighteen. That was in the Mod Sixties, when Rodin wowed all with her Twiggy eyelashes, over-the-knee boots, maxi coat, and five-inch skirt “that was more like a handkerchief”.

Returning to New York in the Seventies, Rodin ran a successful, directional SoHo boutique, had stints as a stylist at Henri Bendel in the Gerri Stutz days, and then as a fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar. Eventually, she became a freelance stylist—acknowledged as one of the best in the business.

Over the years, Rodin has worked with top photographers, including Gösta Peterson, Michael Thompson, Greg Kadel, Alexi Lubomirski, Dominique Isserman, Ruven Afanador, Alexei Hay, and the late Herb Ritts and Richard Avedon.

Rodin has dressed the most gorgeous and charismatic women in the world—from Madonna and Halle Berry to supermodels Laetitia Casta, Giselle Bundchen, and Helene Christensen. These days, she works closely with Victoria’s Secret’s top beauties, including Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes, Chanel Iman, Lily Aldrich, Erin Heatherton, and Miranda Kerr.

Despite access to ultra-exclusive skincare lines in this heady milieu, Rodin became disillusioned with their anti-aging claims and complicated regimens.

“What I longed for was something far simpler—products for the here-and-now, that caress the skin noticeably and without any delay. Nothing out there did quite that.”
So she brought her style smarts, her instinct for beauty, and her demand for perfection to the skincare arena. After experimenting with essential oils in her kitchen for nearly two years, Rodin put the finishing touches on her first dream elixir, the original RODIN olio lusso face oil, in 2007. (The name—which translates as luxury oil —is in honor of the easygoing Italian beauty that has long inspired Linda’s own style). The models and makeup artists she worked with tried and loved it, and soon RODIN olio lusso was selling to a cult following at a few select stores. Magazine coverage and an international buzz followed.

As venues worldwide began selling RODIN olio lusso, customers began asking, is there more? Yes, the RODIN olio lusso collection is growing—each new item containing a similar, near-magical blend of essential oils, starting with a body oil, then a hair oil (that is a collaboration with the renowned hair stylist Bob Recine), and most recently a lip balm.

In a New York Times profile of Linda, her one-time boss, the design editor Jeffrey W. Miller, had this to say “about Linda, about any person with real style … they make you look at the world in a different way …. and rethink everything. They know how to create tension.” And tension, he added, “”is what creates beauty.”
RODIN Olio lusso—and lipstick—are the only products Rodin uses on her skin and hair.
Oh, the beauty of simplicity!



The olio Lusso Lips balm, currently on the top of our wish list.


Linda pictured here in her incredible New York apartment, filled with treasures from various flee markets and sea shells galore.







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