Cottage Town Paper Pot Plant houses….

Change your pot plant into a mini village with Cottage Town, and ordinary plants will be turned into huge trees or fields. These tilted tiny constructions in soft colours are made of waterproof ‘paper’, and can resist rain from a watering can. Fold and place your own house into the nicest plant you can find, or give away as a present with the enclosed wishcard.

There are four types of little buildings: Rosie’s house, Lily’s house, Olive’s house and Jasmin’s house.

Take a look at Cottage Town from Dutch design twosomeOntwerpduo – tiny paper homes made to linger by your favourite houseplant and look full of whimsy and awesomeness.

They come flat so you can fold your own and construct your ideal plant village however you like.

Nice, eh?








The design duo behind this beautiful idea.


 Tineke Beunders & Nathan Wierink Dreamer & Mathematician


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