For years I have long adored the work of American modernist Man Ray (Emmanuel Radnitzky.)

His gritty, avant-garde and poetic vision has always spoken to me in one way or the other.  This being said it only dawn on me last week that a lot of references within the studio point directly towards Man Ray’s work, a perfect example of this would be the main image we shot in the studio that is frequently used and featured on many of our promotional advertisements and displayed at the trade shows we participate in.

If you have attended one of our studio days, you would know the image I am referring to.

The obvious influence here are the painted hands. An inspiration taken directly from Man Ray’s photo for which Picasso painted hands to look like gloves.

It’s funny how we as individuals are constantly emulating the things that speak to you the most, and incorporate them into day-to-day life and surroundings.

The image we took a few years back in our studio.

Man Ray’s photo’s for which Picasso painted the hands to represent gloves.

Another example of his influence is the painting presented in the entrance to the studio set – a painting of red lips on a washed out background, the lips appear to be  floating in the air much like the Man Ray mix medium photograph ” Le rêve de Vénus” featured below.

Uncanny!? Or not so secretly obsessed?!

Two different images taken against the famous lip-painted backdrop!

Sera our fantastic make up artist and Candace our studio stylist, sporting cherry lips and showing off out very own take on “floating lips” like Man Ray’s earlier backdrop!

Thanks Bernardo for the cheeky picture!

Check out Bernardo’s work, he is one talented photographer!

Sera has her own false eyelashes brand, beautiful fine eyelashes that look and feel natural, do check her site out here

Man Ray holding up an image of lips in his studio in Paris.

Another coincidence is that Man Ray to had a distinct favouring of portraits much like we do hence the name , “The Face London.”

I thought I would share my personal favourites with you.

Looking at his beautiful photography and mixed mediums, really shows how Man Ray was so ahead of his time!

 “Man Ray offered artists in all media an example of a creative intelligence that, in its ‘pursuit of pleasure and liberty,'”—Man Ray’s stated guiding principles—”unlocked every door it came to and walked freely where it would.”-Wikapedia

The beautiful Suzy Parker in a Man Ray shoot.

A perfume by designer Elsa Schiaparell, shot by Man Ray.

 L’etoile De Mer (The starfish) 1928 by Man Ray.