Photo of the week….

As cool as Katuscia!

If ever there was an image resembling Gustav Klimt’s brilliant work, this would be it. For this reason and sooo many others the image of the week goes to the lovely Katuscia-we hope you love your pictures as much as we do!


Kiss and make-up!

A lot of our clients who attend the studio day- leave with a positive attitude and a spring in their step and are often amazed at how good they look and feel.

Our beauty experts are always on point and up to date with the latest and greatest of beauty trends and offer a warm and friendly consultation to all clients before the start of their session.

This week we asked the beauty team what their favourite looks were and what we can look forward to for AW12.

The top looks are listed below, and they are all so thrilling (who would have thought we would look forward to the cold grey months so soon?)

Grey nails, as seen at Chanel

A beautiful crystal, greyish taupe, Chanel Le Vernis in Frenzy is part of the 2012 Autumn Collection which is due out later this year.

We predict a riot.

Peacock eyes, seen at Roberto Cavalli

The enchanting hues of emerald-green, bronze and acid purple made for an interesting twist on the otherwise usual smoky eye ,(a winter trend almost every year!)

Eyeliner flicks, as seen at Lanvin.

 The classic flicked eyeliner has been given a modern update, and we love it!!

Azure eyeliner flicks at Anna Sui

A personal favourite!

High shine plum lips, as seen at Gucci

The deepest and most delicious of scarlet lips were seen at Gucci and at Marni- burgundy was used on the eyes for an unconventional yet arresting look.

Raspberry red lips, as seen at Rich Owens

Red lips – Across the board at the London and New York shows in particular, bold red lipstick was the key component of the beauty looks at Rick Owens, Jonathan Saunders, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen and many more. Wear alone or with minimal other make-up for maximum impact.